The products presented here are adaptable for different implementations. vRegistry solution can be a basis for creation of the applications (like Registry and TextDial). But the applications (Filer etc.), in turn, can be modified to meet specific requirements.The accompanying services:

  • create/adapt the applications;
  • integrate the applications with existing software;
  • consult regarding the solutions;
  • support the applications delivered.

The developments are based on the vRegistry micro-framework supplying both back- and front-end components. The back-end exploits the LAMP stack, front-end uses either own JavaScript classes or jQuery. The development tools:

Languages: PHP, SQL, XSL, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON.
Design patterns: OOP, MVC , 3-tier, event-driven, service-oriented, AJAX, REST, SaaS.
Data management: MySql, Sqlite, XML.
API integration: Google, Twilio, PayPal, Opauth.

See also System guide about the platform.