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Web presence has become axiomatic for any business. More and more functionality is added to the company websites via front and back office applications. The data generated by a web solution must be managed in some way as well as exchanged with other parts of information system. Therefore, an administration interface is needed to manipulate the data and keep them safe inside the intranet. On the other hand, it is increasingly important to link the back-office with the social media to be opened and available for your partners and customers. This places increasing demands on the front-end interfaces.


Vallo Reima specializes in web application development. The past experience includes system programming, accounting software and E-commerce solutions. Currently Reima utilizes his skills to help small-to-medium sized businesses to achieve the desired functionality of company websites. Own-developed framework complemented with third-party APIs is used to develop flexible scalable solutions on the LAMP platform with the front-end in JavaScript.

Reima cooperates with developers, designers, marketers, admins to achieve maximum result for the customers. The products delivered are fully manageable by the users and system support is provided. Contact Vallo for help to diversify your web presence.

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