Enter our Marketplace to obtain the software products:

  • Commercial versions
    • PackApp - Application Packer (PackApp.php)
    • Filer - Remote File Manager (vRfiler)
    • vRegistry - administration interface (software proposal)
  • Free components
    • jsFiler - tree viewing of hierarchical data (jQuery plugin)
    • JS MergeXML - merge XML documents client-sideĀ  (JS class)
    • PHP MergeXML - merge XML sources server-side (PHP class)

Shopping in the Marketplace:

  1. Select the product from the list and learn the description.
  2. Examine the license and price options.
  3. Click to purchase and check the cart details.
  4. Proceed to checkout and pay via PayPal.
  5. Read the email with the purchase details.
  6. Download the package and install the product.
  7. Please give feedback about the user experience.

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