Registry - Receptions Schedule and Booking

The administration interface supplies the activities to manage the receptions: creating the time plan, registering the appointments, outputting reports and much more. Consumers can manage the processes on their own, without the assistance of the vendor. Read the User guide how it works.

The front-end allows the clients to register themselves. The client reserves the appointment and confirms the registration via email. A reminder is sent by SMS before the deadline. This component (as whole system) is multilingual and usually integrated into the customer's webpage.


PackApp.php - Application Packer

PackApp.php packs the project files: minifies the source (html, css, js, json, php, xml), obfuscates the code (js, php). The Packer passes the source to according minify plugin depending on the file type. The css and js that detected inside the html are minified too. The html, css and js are looked for the embedded php to minify.

The js and php code can be obfuscated to inhibit its unauthorized use. The reverse engineering of the packed code becomes too expensive.

Filer - Remote File Manager (vRfiler)

A full-featured tool to access and distribute the files securely over the intranet. The front-end component is based on jsTree/jsFiler jQuery plugins and the back-end uses PHP/MySql.

The Filer extends the jsFiler's standard features and supports server-side operations. The JS/CSS is added front-end to configure the files tree, process the tree events, maintain the dialogue and make service requests. The back-end saves the requested tree changes and responses with the status details. The demo data is generated and kept for a while (click '?' for overview).


jsFiler plugin

jsFiler adds the control layer to jsTree for using in different applications. The standard tree operations are supported and handled via icon and/or right-click menu. Click the nodes and then select the commands.


TextDial - Share Web Pages via Text

The TextDial Manager is responsible for the back-end administration and front-end services. The Administrator guide describes the basic tools. The visitors access the system clicking the TextDial Popup Button. The button can be installed on the client browsers toolbar (bookmarklet) or installed on the owners website.

The Popup can be created inside the active page or opened in a new browser window. The Consumers Popup presumes signin/signup before. The Brands Popup signs in the owner and works in the guests mode (U.S. numbers allowed at the moment). You can drag the popup link to your browsers bookmark bar. Then the bookmark click opens TextDial Popup to share any page you are currently visiting.