The applications are created from the solutions developed.

Registry - receptions schedule and booking

This vRegistry application is meant for managing the web-based e-registries. All you need to use it, is to have a web browser on your computer. The back-office interface is for making and managing of the registrations and front-office interface allows clients to make bookings themselves. Can be customised for multiple recipients on multiple reception places. Easily scalable for different areas.

PackApp.php - Application Packer

Prepare your application source for the production, impeding its unauthorized use. The target audience: ISVs, freelancers, developers, resellers,  all who need a lightweight utility to turn the project into the delivery package.  The Packer is a handy integrated solution. It  is oriented to the PHP applications, but can be used for your front-end projects too. You can obtain the PackApp from here.

Filer - Remote File Manager (vRfiler)

Allows to organize and distribute the files across your intranet making the documents, pictures, tables etc. available for different units and users. You can create the folders and upload/download the files, search, rename, copy/move, replace and delete the folders/files. It is also possible to copy/move from one tree (unit) to other. The files can be shared between the units and user rights specified for the  folders. The client-side is realized on the basis of jsFiler plugin developed. You can obtain the Filer from here.

TextDial - Share Web Pages via Text

The newest way to share content from the web straight to the cell phones of your friends, family and people you care about most! Clicking the TextDial share button on the bookmarks tab opens the Popup window. You can register/login, manage your friends list and send web-content recommendations. The TextDial Manager is a vRegistry application supplying back-end functionality and servicing front-end (Popup) requests.