Remote File Manager

Organize and distribute the files across your intranet. Make the documents, pictures, tables etc. available for different units and users.

Two file trees are opened belonging to the company units (offices). The application authenticates and selects the units during the startup and allows to switch between the units later (or work in the single-tree mode). A central office and the branch offices are distinguished determining the permissions in addition to the user rights.

The tree has three types of the nodes: root, folder, file. Click the pointer before the tree node icon to open/close the sub-nodes. Click the node and select a required command from the right-click or icon menu. The left tree has the icon menu on the top and right tree displays the command icons for the selected node.

You can create the folders and upload/download the files, search, rename, copy/move, replace and delete the nodes. The node name may contain any symbol. It is also possible to copy/move from one tree to other. The folder can be deleted if it is empty or shared. To delete multiple nodes at once select them with the Ctrl-click.

The standard command set includes: Search, Copy/Cut/Paste, New Folder, Rename, Delete. The tree nodes can be moved also via drag & drop or copied pressing the Ctrl-key during the drag & drop. The extended command set includes: Upload and Download (files), Properties (folder info), Share (include the folders/files from another unit without copying), Permissions (specify user rights for particular folder), Maintain (checks an integrity of the data).

The users are authenticated and assigned the role. The role determines the operation rights which can be concretized by the Permissions command. Each tree operation request passes the authorization for security. See the sample running in the admin role.

The cross-browser solution is realized in the jQuery using the UI, jstree, jsfiler, uploadify plugins. The server-side uses the PHP/MySql and native file system. The Filer can be easily integrated with your IT-system. It's one of many possible applications built on the jsFiler solution.