The solutions developed to be realized in different applications.

vRegistry interface

Several registration, accounting and other administration interfaces can be developed based on vRegistry solution. Common functionality necessary for a typical administration tool is supplied:

  • user management (registration, authentication, authorization);
  • staff management (holding personnel data);
  • permanent data maintenance (miscellaneous attributes, countries, currencies etc.);
  • clients management (holding personal data);
  • activity logging (what is done by whom and when);
  • reporting (quering, viewing and outputting results);
  • settings and preferences management (specifying several processing modes);
  • messaging (news, emails, SMS's);
  • documenting (helps, manuals);
  • multilinguality, internationalization & localization.

Front-end features:

  • The desktop-like window opens in the client's browser after a user logs in.
  • Desired action is initiated via menu system.
  • The results are showed in the main or separate window.
  • The tables can be browsed, sorted, filtered and outputted and its records can be added,modified and deleted.
  • The menu access is authorized according to the user rights.

See Administrator guide for the details.

vRender solution

A solution for selling software online (paying, downloading, installing, registering). The payment gateway is based on the PayPal's WPS. The download link of the setup module is emailed to the buyer upon the payment. If the product is sold from a third-party marketplace then the seller-assigned license key is checked via the API interface during the setup.

The client makes the installation in the selected directory of the web server and the property is registered. The version updates are supplied for the registered clients. See, for example, anĀ  installation of the PackApp.

jsFiler plugin

A jQuery plugin to present the hierarchical data client-side. jsFiler is built on top of the jsTree extending its functionality. It is configurable for different tree applications and must be supported server-side. The (multi)tree and operations behavior are specified via setup parameters and user callbacks. Features:

  • default/customized tree and command icons;
  • tree behavior options;
  • standard command set extensible by user commands;
  • different command menu configurations;
  • multi-tree handling;
  • copy/move between the trees;
  • make Ajax json requests;
  • synchronize tree events and Ajax calls;
  • tree event and request/response callbacks;
  • node name validation;
  • delete/replace confirmation;
  • search options;
  • multilingual support.

See the Filer regarding the implementation.

vrManual program

A compact programme for creating and browsing web documents (manuals, helps, e-books, etc.). More oriented for creation of accompanying online documentation for different (software) products. The program works on the SaaS principle. After installing the user no longer has to worry about the software, updates etc. Read more from the Manual that itself has composed by vrManual.